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KIDZ Church

Children from 4 years old through 2nd grade are invited to KIDZ Church before the sermon begins in the Sanctuary. All children will stay in the Sanctuary on the last Sunday of the month.

Unit 1: The God Who Reveals Himself (FINISHED!)
God made us. He wants us to know what He is like so we can know Him, love Him, and praise Him. God shows us what He is like. How? By the heart He gave us to know and love Him; through everything He’s made that we see around us; through His Word, the Bible; and most of all, through His very own Son, Jesus Christ. We will learn how God shows us what He’s like in this unit.
Unit 2: God’s Wonderful Word, the Bible    
There are millions of books in the world, but none is like the Bible. It alone is God’s perfect Word! God made sure it was written down just right. It tells us everything we need in order to know God and to live for Him. It is powerful, so it can do everything God wants it to do. Everything else in this world may come and go, but God’s Word will last forever. It will always prove true. In this unit we will learn about God’s wonderful word, the Bible.
Unit 3: The Good News of God, the Gospel  
Gospel means “good news.” In the Bible, the gospel is the good news that God sent His Son, Jesus, to save sinners like you and me from the punishment we deserve for our sins. This salvation is ours when we turn from our sins and trust in Jesus as our own Savior. Now that is good news indeed! In this unit we are going to learn why the gospel is such good news.
Unit 4: The God Like None Other  
There are many gods that people worship, but none are like the LORD. He is the one, true God. He’s not like anyone else! He’s always been alive–and He will never die. He’s completely good and loving. He’s all-powerful and all-wise. And that’s just the beginning of what the LORD is like. He is so great! There will always be more of Him to know. In this unit, we will be learning why the LORD is not like anyone else!

Welcome to Praise Factory Investigators! This is a place where children come during to ask big questions about God. We dig down deep to find the truth in God’s word!